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Business Transformation

Business transformation programs are complex, value-adding initiatives that often stall and fail to meet expectations. CMG facilitates and expedites the transformation process to ensure your company’s long‑term success.

Our holistic approach speeds up your business transformation and produces more sustainable results. We help you quickly improve your key performance indicators, resulting in higher revenue and reduced costs.

There are eight elements of our approach to Business Transformation:

  1. Scope – Which route to the target option is best?
  2. Current State Model – What is your current business model and what new capabilities will you need?
  3. Future State Model – How will you apply your current capabilities to the future state? how will your organization work to realize the business strategy?
  4. Governance – How will your organization structure need to change? How will you govern it?
  5. Business Environment – How will this impact your business and program partnerships?
  6. People – How will you mobilize, motivate, and communicate with your people?
  7. Business Case – How will you track and manage your progress?
  8. Approach – How will you break the journey into small steps? How will you re-plan along the way?

Generating sustainable results requires involving everyone that will be affected by the transformation process. By mobilizing your entire workforce, we facilitate long-term change across your organization.

Consulting Services

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