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In today’s business climate, it is imperative that corporations be able to maintain operations & critical functions in the event of a disaster situation as they would under normal circumstances. Disasters can include economic downturns, supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, pandemics, security breaches, computer viruses, and other events that can whipsaw an organization.

To meet these objectives and more, CMG has partnered with RiskBusiness, Inc.

RiskBusiness provides proprietary Risk Content, Risk Data, and Risk Information by utilizing unique applications of its technology, tools and products to the Financial Services Industry, on a global basis.

CMG has deep knowledge of this technology and we'd be happy to host a meeting to discuss these capabilities with you and your firm.

In summary, the objectives for the RiskBusiness products and services are:

  • Improving the identification and responsiveness of existing and emerging risk issues
  • Reducing time and expense in creating, defining, and monitoring KRIs
  • Enhancing and improving the timeliness of management reporting
  • Improving business processes.

Consulting Services

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